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We recently added several features to make it much easier to manage labels in your SongBook.

Songbook administrators can now create and delete labels on a dedicated page:



Songbook editors can now add a label to multiple songs at once. On the main songs page, select More actions… > Add label: … to add a label to all the checked songs:



To remove a label from multiple songs at once, first filter the songs page to that label (using the label filter in the left column), then select More actions… > Remove label: …


AmazonMP3If you’ve ever wanted to give your worship team a recording of a song to learn, you know how difficult it can be to do legally. A great solution is to point your musicians to the Amazon MP3 store, where they can listen to an audio clip from the song and purchase the MP3 themselves.

To streamline this, we’ve made it easy to add AmazonMP3 audio clips to songs in your songbook. View any song in your songbook, then click Select audio clips from AmazonMP3. Find the audio clip you want and click Use clip.

Once you have added audio clips to your songs, your users will be able to listen to the audio clips within your songbook, or they can click through to AmazonMP3 and buy the full song themselves.

One of the best features in the SongBook is the ability to create your own set lists. We’ve added a new feature that makes it easier to build a set list while searching through songs, without leaving the page you’re on!

When viewing a song, there is a new tab available. When you click on the Add to set tab, you are shown a list of your upcoming set lists. You can add the current song to a set list, or jump to viewing or editing a set.

Add to set

If you want to start a new set list, you can do that as well. Just click Create a new set…. Choose the date, location and theme, click Create set, and a new set will be created with the current song already added.

Create new set

ImportFor those of you with existing chord charts in Word, PDF, or other unstructured text formats, there is now an easier way to add those songs to your SongBook. We have added a new import that takes chords and lyrics on separate lines, and merges them together into the format used by the SongBook.

Take a look at the SongBook help for more info, or just click on the Import an existing chord chart link in your SongBook to try it out!

OpenSongWe’re always looking for ways to help you add songs to your SongBook, so we’re happy to announce a new import feature. If you already have chord charts in the OpenSong format, now you can easily add them to your SongBook.

Take a look at the SongBook help for more info, or just click the Import songs link in your SongBook to try it out. Note that you must be an editor of your SongBook in order to use this feature.

One of the most requested features for our SongBook service has finally arrived: you can now resize the font in the chord charts generated by the SongBook! When you edit a song in your SongBook, you’ll see a new Font size field. When you change this, you can see a live preview of what the song will look like at that size:

Font Size field

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Worship MattersJoseph Stigora, a worship pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, wrote a nice review of our online SongBook service. You can read the review on Bob Kauflin’s blog, “Worship Matters”.

Sovereign Grace MusicWe are excited to announce that most of the songs from Sovereign Grace Music are now available within our online SongBook service! There are more than 160 songs that can be imported into your SongBook with a single click. Once you import these songs, you can view them, transpose them, and use them to print chord charts or song sheets.

If you already have a SongBook, follow these instructions to import the songs into your SongBook. If you don’t have a SongBook yet, you can find out more here.

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