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For a couple of years, Gospel Software has made available a free tool for event planning and scheduling: Group Sched.

Our group scheduling tool allows you to create a list of assignments for a group of people to choose from. You can use this to easily:

  • Create a list of items needed for a potluck or cook-out, such as desserts, main dishes, sides.
  • Create a list of dates for bringing a meal to someone who is sick or recently had a baby.
  • Create a list of dates for people to serve someone who is sick or shut in.

Once you have created your event, you can send the link to your group, and they can then assign items to themselves.

We’re sure you can find other uses for Group Sched. Perhaps you are using it to divvy up responsibility for leading discussion in your small group, or to make sure that at least one person brings a game to small group game night! We’d love to hear your creative ideas for using Group Sched in the comments below.

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