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GuestView allows you to assign guests to your church’s follow-up team for making calls. You may also want to make other individuals or groups in the church aware of guests that relate to their geographic location or their area of ministry, but without having to actually assign guests to those individuals for calling. We’ll discuss how you can do this below.

  1. First, you should make sure that the tags you have set up in GuestView allow you to mark the guests of interest to a small group or ministry team. Tags are the checkboxes that appear to the right when you edit a guest’s information. For example, you might create tags such as “Interests:Singles ministry” for your singles’ ministry, or “Location:West shore” and “Location:Downtown” to mark guests in particular small group regions. We have written a tutorial on tags that will help you set up your tags to suit your needs.

  2. You should train the individuals who enter guest response cards to select tags appropriately. For example, they can transfer a “Singles’ ministry” checkbox on the response card to the “Singles’ ministry” tag in GuestView. For geographic locations, they will need to look up guest addresses on a map to determine what region a guest lives in.

    Tip: If you save a guest’s information, including their address, GuestView displays a link to a map of their address. You can click this link to display their address, and then edit the guests’ tags directly on that page.

  3. You can then add your small group leaders or ministry team leaders to GuestView. We have written brief instructions on adding users to GuestView. One thing you should consider doing is putting your ministry team leaders or small group leaders in a separate group to themselves. The GuestView group name is one of the pieces of information you type into the user’s page when you add them, and the group name is usually displayed next to their name throughout GuestView. This way, when someone assigns guests to callers, it will be clear to them that the small group or ministry team leaders are part of a separate group and not on your calling team. That way, these leaders will not accidentally receive reminders to call a guest.

  4. Now that your small group or ministry team leaders have access to GuestView, you can instruct them to set up an automatic email report for guests that are of interest to them. They can do this by clicking the “Reports” menu item in GuestView. Then, by clicking “Add or change report,” they can choose to receive an email report for any of the tags that you created in step 1 above.

GuestView allows you to choose email reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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