One of the most requested features for our SongBook service has finally arrived: you can now resize the font in the chord charts generated by the SongBook! When you edit a song in your SongBook, you’ll see a new Font size field. When you change this, you can see a live preview of what the song will look like at that size:

Font Size field


Imagine you’re using a classic hymn with 5 verses, and it almost fits on a single page, but one or two lines are spilling onto the next page. You could move the entire last verse onto a second page, but now you have another option: just shrink the font size of the whole song one or two points in order to fit a little more content in:

Shrunk font


On the other hand, sometimes you’ll have a simple song with just one or two verses and a chorus. For songs like that, you can now enlarge the font to maximize readability:

Expanded font


Of course, whenever you start changing font sizes, there’s a chance the song won’t fit on the page when printed. To help avoid that, we’ve added page overflow detection to the SongBook. As you edit a song or change the font size, the SongBook checks to make sure the song will print correctly. If there’s a chance it won’t fit, you’ll get a warning message:

Size Warning

You can use print preview to see if the song will print correctly, and make changes if necessary.

If there’s no chance the song will fit on a single page, you’ll just get an error message:

Size Error

At that point, don’t even bother checking print preview. Follow the suggestions in the error message, and split up some lyric lines, move some verses onto a second page, or shrink the font size until the error goes away.

We hope these two features make the SongBook even more useful to you. Many thanks to everyone who suggested them!